• Cities like Cary and Yonkers invest in their water infrastructure to provide residents and visitors with fresh, clean-tasting tap water straight from the faucet. Say goodbye to bottled water and reduce plastic waste!
  • Winston-Salem and Memphis are among the cities with the cleanest tap water in the US. Their water sources, from Salem Lake to the Memphis Sands aquifer, provide pristine and delicious drinking water without the need for harsh chemical treatments.
  • Bellevue and Eldorado also have the best tap water US cities have in store; residents and visitors can enjoy drinking Cascade mountain water and purified spring and groundwater, respectively. Explore parks, museums, and enjoy outdoor activities knowing that their tap water undergoes continuous testing to ensure safety and taste.

For many travelers, tap water quality can be a concern when visiting a new destination. Some cities have aging infrastructure or contaminated sources that make their drinking water unsafe or unpalatable. However, there are cities across the US where tap water meets federal health standards and is perfectly fresh, clean tasting, and safe to drink straight from the faucet.

From mountain springs to state-of-the-art filtration, these American cities with the best tap water invest in their water infrastructure and sources to provide residents and visitors with exceptional H2O straight from the faucet. While bottled water is an option, drinking from the tap is often a better choice for environmental reasons.

For travelers looking to reduce plastic waste and stay hydrated with confidence, here are the cities in America with the best tap water in terms of cleanliness and taste (and they also happen to be worth visiting for various attractions and activities beyond their water!).

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10 Cary, North Carolina

Cary, NC, USA
Photo By :jofwoosterCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Cary, NC, USA 

Located near North Carolina's famed Research Triangle, this Raleigh suburb consistently ranks among the top cities for best-tasting tap water in the US. Cary gets its water from nearby Jordan Lake, minimizing the need for harsh chemical treatment. The town's water is naturally soft with the perfect balance of minerals for a crisp, clean flavor.

While visiting Cary's pedestrian-friendly downtown, full of shops, museums, and parks, travelers can feel good refilling reusable bottles straight from any public drinking fountain.

  • Location: In the Triangle region near Raleigh
  • Top Attractions: Downtown Cary, Page-Walker Arts & History Center
  • Things to Do: Shop, dine downtown, visit museums and parks

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9 Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Skyline of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
 [1] , CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Skyline of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

In North Carolina's Piedmont region, Winston-Salem is a quaint town offering visitors a lot of things to do. The town has also invested heavily in its water infrastructure, using ozone purification for a sparklingly clean water supply from nearby Salem Lake.

Rinse fresh produce from the Downtown Produce Market or fill a water bottle when exploring historic Old Salem. Or work up a thirst for hiking the trails at Hanging Rock State Park before enjoying Winston-Salem's cool, refreshing tap water.

  • Location: Northwest North Carolina
  • Top Attractions: Old Salem, Hanging Rock State Park
  • Things to Do: Tour historic Old Salem, hike at the state park

8 Yonkers, New York

View of Yonkers from Alpine Overlook
FamartinCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
View of Yonkers from Alpine Overlook

Just north of Manhattan, this New York suburb filters tap water from pristine upstate reservoirs and then rigorously tests for contaminants. The result is some of the Empire State's cleanest, tastiest tap water flowing from faucets around Yonkers.

While exploring historic sites like Philipse Manor Hall or taking in the Hudson River views, Yonkers visitors can quench their thirst knowing the tap water meets all federal standards. Don't let plastic waste pile up - fill reusable bottles for a day out hiking at Untermyer Park's gardens or touring a craft brewery.

  • Location: Northern suburb of NYC
  • Top Attractions: Philipse Manor Hall, Untermyer Park
  • Things to Do: Visit historic sites, hike park trails

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7 Bellevue, Washington

An aerial view of the city of Bellevue, Washington
Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash
An aerial view of the city of Bellevue, Washington

Located across Lake Washington, one of the most scenic lakes in Washington to plan a vacation around, Bellevue provides its residents pure Cascade mountain water flowing from protected watersheds. The tap water is so fresh and delicious that many restaurants serve it as "Bellevue Iced Water."

While exploring Bellevue's parks, trails, dining scenes, and museums, travelers can stay hydrated using reusable bottles at any nearby faucet, drinking fountain, or restaurant. The great taste comes with the peace of mind that Bellevue's supply undergoes continuous testing to ensure it meets strict safety regulations.

  • Location: Across Lake Washington from Seattle
  • Things to Do: Explore parks, trails, museums and dining

6 Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Bets time to go to Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Via: Photo by eric diaz on Unsplash
Bets time to go to Sioux Falls, South Dakota - summers

Sioux Falls delights visitors with its rich history, culture, and many things to do. But this city has also ensured visitors and locals can access clean drinking water. Consistently ranking as one of the USA's cleanest drinking water supplies, Sioux Falls' water comes from a massive aquifer deep beneath the Great Plains. The Big Sioux River also provides a high-quality source supplementing the groundwater.

With minimal need for harsh filtration, Sioux Falls' tap water has a light mineral and refreshing taste. Visitors touring the stunning Falls Park, exploring the SculptureWalk downtown, and browsing the farmers market can rehydrate using any drinking fountain or requesting tasty tap water at local cafes and restaurants.

  • Top Attraction: Falls Park
  • Things to Do: See the falls, walk SculptureWalk downtown

5 Memphis, Tennessee

Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee on a sunny day
Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee on a sunny day

Sitting atop a massive Memphis Sands aquifer, this legendary Mississippi River city has access to plentiful, pristine drinking water. It is one of the cities in the US with the cleanest drinking water. The pure water flows straight from underground with minimal treatment, resulting in some of Tennessee's cleanest, tastiest tap water.

Visitors flocking to Memphis' famous BBQ joints, music scene, and Elvis sites can drink local water without concerns. Order a refreshing municipal tap water to accompany the smoky pulled pork, brisket, and hot wings that create a powerful thirst. It's the perfect pairing!

  • Top Attractions: Beale Street, Graceland
  • Things to Do: Enjoy live music, BBQ, and see Elvis sites

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4 Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky
Photo 105061196 Sean Pavone |
Skyline of Louisville, Kentucky

Home to the iconic Kentucky Derby, Louisville has raced ahead of many cities for tap water quality, achieving the EPA's highest rating of its filtration facilities. Louisville's water supply comes from the Ohio River, then undergoes ozone purification for squeaky clean drinking water.

While touring the Churchill Downs racetrack or sipping Kentucky bourbon, Louisville visitors can enjoy guilt-free glasses of crisp local tap water. It's a much smarter choice than wasteful plastic bottled water. Feel free to ask for a glass of the city's finest, even at the lively bars and award-winning farm-to-table restaurants.

  • Top Attraction: Churchill Downs
  • Things to Do: Visit the racetrack, tour bourbon distilleries

3 St. Paris, Ohio

Photo taken in Saint Paris, Ohio.
Photo By loganrickertCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Photo taken in Saint Paris, Ohio

This rural village among Midwestern cornfields has surprisingly stellar tap water, earning high praise for clarity and taste. St. Paris invests in the newest filtration methods to treat the local groundwater supply, keeping contaminants out but beneficial minerals in.

While exploring Urbana or Springfield nearby, visitors can fill up their reusable bottles in St. Paris and appreciate the crisp, refreshing flavor whenever they need a drink. When planning a trip to Ohio's parks, museums, and country towns, consider staying overnight in St. Paris for the exceptionally clean, great-tasting tap water.

  • Location: Rural village near Urbana and Springfield
  • Things to Do: Stay overnight when visiting nearby attractions

2 Eldorado, Colorado

Eldorado Springs, Colorado.
Photo By:Jeffrey BeallCC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Eldorado Springs, Colorado

This community has pioneered advanced processes for purifying spring and groundwater sources at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Eldorado's treatment facilities use high-tech nanofiltration to remove any contaminants while retaining healthful minerals, electrolytes, and the perfect alkalinity for delicious flavor.

Skiers and hikers staying here can enjoy cold, unbelievably refreshing glasses of Eldorado tap water before and after adventures in the neighboring National Forest. Ask restaurants and lodges for tasty "Eldorado Pure" water on tap.

  • Location: At the Rocky Mountains' foothills
  • Things to Do: Ski, hike in the surrounding national forest

1 Emporia, Kansas

 Downtown Emporia, Kansas

Emporia, Kansas, tops many lists for cleanest tap water in the U.S. This small college town gets its water from the Cottonwood River Aquifer, a pristine underground supply. Emporia’s water filtration plant uses reverse osmosis and granular activated carbon for an extra sparkling result. Travelers will appreciate the fresh, pure taste, whether drinking from fountains, hotel sinks, or in restaurants.

Outside sipping the water, visitors can explore Emporia’s historic downtown, shops, and scenic Flint Hills hiking trails. The tap water is such a point of pride that the city celebrates it each year at its Glasses of Water festival.

  • Location: At the Smoky Hill River
  • Water treatment: With ozone and ultraviolet light to remove impurities