• Tampa is the best city in Florida for retirement, offering affordable housing and access to city amenities while being close to the beach.
  • Florida is a great place to retire due to its year-round pleasant weather, abundance of outdoor activities, and numerous golf courses and theme parks.
  • The state of Florida offers tax benefits for retirees, with no state income tax, inheritance tax, estate tax, or gift tax, making it particularly attractive for those over the age of 65.

One of life's most important decisions is where to retire, and it is ultimately a very personal choice. Retirees can choose to make a home in the mountains or near the sea. Perhaps they would rather play golf than go cross-country skiing, or they just want to be close to their children or grandchildren. They can also be overwhelmed by the array of options available to them. Retirees from colder climates have always been attracted to Florida's crystal-clear beaches and comfortable winters.

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The Sunshine State is an economical destination to migrate to due to affordable housing costs in many Florida cities. Additionally, Florida has no state income tax, which is advantageous for retirees with taxable income. According to a review of the 150 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, Florida is a preferred spot to retire because of the affordable cost of living and proximity to the beach.

The survey covers information on retiree taxation, the work market, housing affordability, happiness, attractiveness, and access to high-quality healthcare. And according to WalletHub, the best city in Florida for retirement happens to be Tampa.

Tampa Is The Best Florida City For Retirement

Tampa, the best city to retire in Florida
Tampa, the best city to retire in Florida

Tampa is home to several skyscrapers and high rises and is situated on Tampa Bay close to the Gulf of Mexico. A zoo, an aquarium, amusement parks, professional sports teams, and a well-liked port for cruise liners are among Tampa's many entertainment possibilities.

Tampa General Hospital is one of several healthcare facilities. Tampa is cheap for seniors who wish to retire close to the beach on a budget and yet take advantage of city facilities thanks to the reasonable house costs.

180 American cities were examined by WalletHub, which evaluated each one using its 45 key metrics. This covers the cost of living, taxes, health facilities, the number of senior centers and leisure areas, the proportion of people over 65 in each city, and even the number of book clubs.

It subsequently determined each city's overall score to arrive at its results about rank order. According to WalletHub, all research assumes seniors would live on a fixed income, thus the lower their spending, the better off retirees will be in a certain area.

With a score of 59.93, Tampa won the title of the best city for retirement, just beating out Scottsdale, Arizona, which came in second with a score of 59.87.

  • Tampa score: 59.93

Florida Is A Great Place To Retire

Pass-A-Grill Beach, Florida
Pass-A-Grille Beach, One of the Best Beaches Near Tampa in Florida

One of the most well-liked retirement destinations for Americans is Florida. Florida's year-round weather, beautiful beaches, and opulent real estate are well-known benefits of the state's way of life. But there is more to the Sunshine State than meets the eye. Florida is made even more alluring by practical features for residents.


Florida's climate features lovely summers, moderate autumns and springs, and pleasant winters with around 230 days of sunlight annually. Winter daytime temperatures in Tampa, Florida's best city to retire, average approximately 74 degrees.

Retirees may enjoy outdoor activities on the beach, on their boat, or on their preferred golf course at any time of year.

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Biking At Tampa Riverwalk, Tampa Bay, Florida 
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Biking At Tampa Riverwalk, Tampa Bay, Florida

Florida offers activities for all interests, whether retirees prefer fishing and hiking or more planned experiences like theme parks and golf clubs. There are more than 1,250 golf courses in Florida. The Players Championship at Ponte Vedra Beach, Seminole Golf Club in Juno Beach, and Calusa Pines Golf Club in Naples are just a few of the highlights.

Florida's theme parks provide a stress-free experience in Orlando and the surrounding region for people to enjoy some time with family and grandchildren. Additionally, the Sunshine State is perfect if they want to spend time outdoors. With so many rivers, bays, and lakes around Florida, boating and fishing choices are virtually endless.

With 11 wonderful national parks, 175 mesmerizing state parks, and seemingly infinite beaches and trails all throughout the state, Florida is a hiker and exploration enthusiast's dream.

  • Places for boating: Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Miami, and Tampa Bay.

State Tax Benefits

A large water body flowing through the city of Tampa 
Photo by Anita Denunzio on Unsplash
A large water body flowing through the city of Tampa 

Florida has no state income tax, which is an advantage for those who choose to move there whether they are retiring or not. Florida also does not collect inheritance tax, estate tax, or gift tax.

As a result, Florida is particularly attractive to people over the age of 65. Additionally, there are no state taxes on pension funds, social security, IRAs, or other retirement incomes, making the state specifically attractive to people over that age.

Florida Is One Of The Best States To Retire In

Aerial view of Tampa at sunset
Aerial view of Tampa at sunset

Many Americans follow the conventional wisdom to relocate away from frigid climates and spend their golden years somewhere warm. However, according to a recent Bankrate research, retiring in a Midwestern state would be less expensive.

The personal finance website examined all 50 states' affordability, cost, and quality of health care, general well-being, weather, and crime in order to determine the best spots for retirement. Among the top 10 compiled by Bankrate were Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Amalie Arena Tampa Riverwalk
 Peter Titmuss |
Amalie Arena Tampa Riverwalk 

The affordability of houses in southern states like Florida, Mississippi, and West Virginia relative to the national median is a major factor in their high ranking on Bankrate's list.

Using statistics from the Council of Community and Economic Research, Bankrate observed that not only is Iowa the sixth-cheapest state to live in, but also that state law exempts Social Security benefits from taxation. For Americans in retirement who want to keep more money in their pockets, especially at a time when inflation has risen, that is a major benefit.

  • Worst states to retire in: According to Bankrate, coastal areas like New York, Massachusetts, California, Washington, and Alaska are the worst for retiring.