Top Sights In Nevada

Nevada is home to stunning landscapes that wow any visitors to this unique state. From the Las Vegas Strip and the endless opportunities for entertainment to the amazing Hoover Dam, Lake Tahoe, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and more, there are many unique sights that remain unexplored in Nevada.


The vibrant Las Vegas Strip, Nevada 1
If You Only Have One Day In Las Vegas, Here's What To Do All Day For Free

Discover Las Vegas in a day: witness the iconic Bellagio Fountains, stroll the Strip for vibrant entertainment, and explore the artistic Downtown.

Avi Kwa Ame National Monument Nevada in the Newberry Mountains 1
Here's Everything We Know About Nevada's Newest National Park Site

To add more fun and preserve the history and beauty of Nevada, this state park was newly added to the list of the state's enchanting areas!

Red Rock Canyon in Dixie National Forest Utah 1
Rockhounding Adventures: 12 Best Spots For Rock Collecting In The Country

In the most remote parts of the country are hidden treasures in the form of gems and minerals, free for the taking of those willing to hunt for them.

View of Carson City, Nevada 1
14 Things To Do In Carson City: Complete Guide To Nevada's Capital City

Carson City, Nevada may not be as glamorous as Vegas or Reno, but it offers an engaging itinerary of things to do and places to explore.

Southern part of the Oregon Coast 1
17 Cheap Weekend Getaways In The US Perfect For Any Budget

From big cities to beachside resorts, these cheap weekend getaways are perfect for any budget!

A powerboat cruising on Lake Mead 1
Upright Shipwrecks & More: 10 Unusual Things Discovered At Lake Mead

Many unusual things have been found at Lake Mead over the years, from upright shipwrecks to hidden caves and more.

Panorama of Las Vegas cityscape at sunset in Nevada, United States of America 1
10 Five-Star-Rated Attractions For First-Timers Visiting Las Vegas

For travelers looking for activities that never fail to leave guests happy, here are five-star-rated attractions in Vegas for first-timers.

Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Culture National Historical Park 1
Discover 10 Of The Best Ancestral Archeological Sites Of The Southwest

The Southwest is full of ancient ruins of cliff dwellings and great houses which offer a peek into the prehistory of the lands.

Fireworks over the famous attractions on the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, USA 1
These Are The Best Places To See July 4th Fireworks In Las Vegas

Excited to be celebrating the 4th of July in Las Vegas? These are some best places to watch fireworks in Vegas on Independence Day!

A view of I-80 highway to and from Parleys Canyon in Utah 1
Coast-To-Coast: 14 Stops To Make On An I-80 Cross-Country Road Trip

From California to New Jersey, an I-80 road trip is an adventure through capital cities, states, national parks, and expansive scenic views.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign 1
14 Interesting Nicknames Las Vegas Has Gotten Over The Years

Here are 14 nicknames for Las Vegas, why it has gained each name, some fun facts, and other interesting points.

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, USA 1
10 Attractions That Should Be On Everyone's Adventurous Nevada Bucket List

Nevada is a remarkable state with plenty of attractions to see outside Las Vegas. The state is an outdoor playground, and these spots prove that fact.

The Las Vegas Strip at night 1
14 Vacation Spots In Nevada That Won’t Break The Bank

Nevada is a wonderful state to visit, but can you see the sights on a tight budget? Let's take a look here.

Sand and rocks in Death Valley National Park, California, USA 1
Salt Flats & Sunsets: 10 Best Hiking Trails In Death Valley National Park

Brave the heat and experience the beauty of Death Valley with these hiking (and driving) trails.

A casino along a street in Carson City, Nevada, USA 1
Save Some Bucks: 10 Most Affordable Towns To Visit In Nevada

A journey through the desert landscapes, picturesque lakes, and bustling streets of Nevada doesn't have to break the bank with these 10 towns.

Atlatl Rock in Valley of Fire State Park 1
Everything You Need To Know About The Valley Of Fire's Atlatl Rock & Its Ancient Petroglyphs

Atlatl Rock is famous for its impressive petroglyphs dating from thousands of years ago and is a must for anyone visiting the Valley of Fire.

Historic downtown of Carson City, Nevada, USA 1
History Comes Alive: 10 Oldest-Founded Towns To Visit In Nevada

From abandoned ghost towns to mining communities, explore the rich history of this state by visiting the oldest founded towns in Nevada.

A stretch of road between Ely, Nevada, and West Wendover, Nevada, on US Route 93 1
Road Trip Rules: 10 Towns You Need To Visit On Route 93

From the Canada border down to Mexico, Route 93 is an adventure through national parks, desert landscapes, and unique US towns.

The ghost town of Gold Point in Nevada, USA, with abandoned houses, cars and no people.  1
Spooked Off The Strip: 10 Ghost Towns To Visit Near Las Vegas

Don't just go to Vegas for a grand party. Check out these 10 best ghost towns near Las Vegas that will spook your sleep away.

Reno Nevada sign at night 1
10 Things To Do In Reno: Complete Guide To The Biggest Little City In The World

Reno, Nevada, is one of the most popular destinations in the US. To help travelers, here is the ultimate Reno Travel guide.

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