• Penn Station is known for its diverse and abundant food options, including iconic New York foods like pizza, bagels, and sweet treats.
  • Two new food options, Kabooz's Bar & Grill and Tracks Restaurant, have been added to Penn Station, offering American bites and a raw bar, respectively.
  • Travelers in a rush can find quick and delicious options at Pret A Manger or Jamba Juice, while those looking for a more formal dining experience can try Pennsylvania 6 NYC or Friedman's Herald Square.

Penn Station is an iconic US landmark. Not only is it a symbol of travel in New York City, but it's also a historic landmark that gives way to the LIRR, subway line, and Amtrak, which can take travelers to other nearby cities. There's never a moment in time when Penn Station isn't bustling with people, and while it's overwhelming for those who aren't native to this city, it's exciting in a sense, too.

One of the first scents that will greet a traveler walking into Penn Station from any number of its street-level entrances is the food. It can best be described as a mix of pizza grease, the aroma of fresh coffee, and the underlying hint of sugary pretzels in the distance. The sheer number of food stops found throughout Penn Station is quite staggering, but those new to the city should check these food stops off their lists first.

When it comes to the most iconic foods at Penn Station, three things must be on the list: pizza, bagels, and some kind of sweet treat. Luckily, Penn Station has all three of these covered with some food stops that are practically historic landmarks in the station.

UPDATE: 2023/09/11 16:07 EST BY NOAH STAATS

Penn Station Still Has Great Bites Heading Into 2024

This post has been refreshed with two new places to grab food in Penn Station. From casual bites to dine-in options, Penn Station in NYC has much to offer. Have fun, and don't miss your train!

12 Kabooz's Bar & Grill

New York City
Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash
An aerial view of New York City at night
  • Address: Penn Station, upper level, New York, NY 10001

For those on the upper level of Penn Station in New York City, checking out Kabooz's Bar & Grill is a nice option. Here, guests can find American bites in a laid-back restaurant inside the world's most iconic train station. Known for its lively bar serving up various beers, wines, and cocktails, Kabooz's Bar & Grill is the spot to be throughout the week while waiting on a train or pickup. On top of that, the restaurant has a nice ambiance, getting high ratings for friendly staff and easy-going vibes.

Serving the community for over 24 years, Kabooz's Bar & Grill is one people shouldn't miss while in Penn Station!

11 Tracks Restaurant

New York City and Hudson River
Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash
Hudson river surrounding the NYC skyline with various boats on the water
  • Address: 220 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001

The next restaurant to consider while in the Penn Station area is Tracks. Here lies a quaint, casual sit-down or takeout establishment located in Penn Station, described as a chill haunt with a homey feel and train memorabilia. Furthermore, this location is known for offering a raw bar, plus burgers and seafood plates, catering to a wide array of diets. For a quick, high-quality meal between train rides, Tracks is the perfect spot in Penn Station.

10 Rose's Pizza & Pasta

New York - Penn Station sign
Photo by Ryan Dellolio on Unsplash
New York - Penn Station sign
  • Address: 425 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001

The best pizza in Penn Station has been consistently voted as Rose's, and, luckily, there are two separate restaurants in the station. This is great news considering the sheer popularity of the joint, and first-timers should consider one of two options: a plain slice or a Margherita slice. Of course, it's easy to be swayed by the lineup of options that greets customers when they walk into the restaurant, but these two flavors are classic New York City. Travelers will be able to find this restaurant on 7th Avenue near the station.

9 Ess-a-Bagel

Interior of Penn Station at Moynihan Hall
Depositphotos: littleny
Interior of Penn Station at Moynihan Hall
  • Address: 831 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022

There is an infinite number of bagel shops throughout New York City and the entirety of New York State, as a whole. At Penn Station, Ess-a-Bagel has had a long-standing reputation since 1976. The Austrian-based bagel chain offers 13 different types of bagels along with classic toppings such as flavored cream cheese and lox, with a choice of more than dozens of types of spreads. The bagels are also oversized, so be sure to arrive here early and hungry. While it's not technically in the station, it is right down the street (108 W 32nd St.) - so it's worth stopping by on the way in or out of Penn since it's considered an iconic station spot.

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8 Magnolia Bakery

Moynihan Train Hall, Expands New York’s Penn Station, Midtown Manhattan, New York City
Moynihan Train Hall, Expands New York’s Penn Station, Midtown Manhattan, New York City
  • Address: 383 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001

That's right - the history of this bakery extends outside of Sex in the City and also has a small location right inside Penn. While there will be many tempting bakery stops throughout the train station, there's only one Magnolia Bakery, and it's a must-stop for those with a sweet tooth. There's nothing like picking up a lemon bar or banana pudding for the train ride back, and it's well worth the line. Unfortunately, the location in the station was closed, but Travelers will be able to find the bakery across the street.

7 Pret A Manger

Moynihan Train Hall, New York CIty, USA
Shutterstock / Warren Eisenberg
The Moynihan Train Hall: Penn Station, New York City, USA
  • Address: Penn Station, Lower Level, 2 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001

Sometimes, time is of the essence (especially when catching a train). If a mad dash down to the platform is in the cards, then a quick bite to eat is the only thing travelers will likely have time for. In this case, there are a couple of options to tide one over until they can have a full meal.

Easily recognizable by the two glowing stars that flank its name, Pret A Manger cafés can be found throughout the city, especially in Midtown. However, in Penn Station, this sign is a glowing beacon for fast, good food. Whether it's a sandwich, salad, soup, or baked goods, this London-based café has something for everyone who's in a hurry.

6 Jamba Juice

Moynihan Train Hall
Shutterstock / Brian Logan Photography
The interior of the Moynihan Train Hall
  • Address: 1 Penn Station Amtrak Level, New York, NY 10001

Jamba Juice has a number of different options for those who are craving something healthy but don't necessarily have time to eat an entire meal. The juice is legendary, as is the steel-cut oatmeal, which is advertised prominently front in the center at most locations. At Penn, it's a great stop to make for something that's good for you, can be consumed fast, and held with one hand while jumping on the subway with the other.

5 Pennsylvania 6 NYC

Jorge Flores<\/a> on <a href="https:////;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_content=creditCopyText\%22>Unsplash<\/a>%22%22>
American flag in Penn Station tunnel
Photo by Jorge Flores on Unsplash
Tunnel with passengers walking through Penn Station in NYC
  • Address: 132 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001

Traveling through Penn Station doesn't always have to be a rush. Travelers moving at a more leisurely pace may want to check out the more formal dining around the station. One example would be Pennsylvania 6 NYC. This restaurant is one of the city’s hottest dining establishments. It can be found just east of 7th Avenue, minutes away from Madison Square Garden. It is the ideal destination visit before or after a game, concert, or show in New York City.

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4 Juniper Bar

Penn Station, New York City
Photo by Tomas Martinez on Unsplash
New squared roof of Penn Station, New York City
  • Address: 237 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001

Travelers looking for a place to grab a drink around Penn Station before heading into the Garden or anywhere else nearby should check out the Juniper Bar. Found in Midtown West, Juniper Bar is located on 35th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. They have a full-service bar, many creative food options, craft beers, and wonderful handcrafted cocktails. Within walking distance to Penn Station and Madison Square Garden, Juniper Bar is the perfect destination for starting off a night in New York City.

3 Friedman's Herald Square

Penn Station sign on New York subway
Photo by Bailey Alexander on Unsplash
Penn Station sign on New York subway
  • Address: 132 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001

Travelers catching a morning train may want to arrive a little early to have breakfast at Friedman's Herald Square. Friedman's is a delicious chain with a few locations throughout New York, including one that can be found close to Penn Station. This is a family-owned business that has been open since 2009. The original store opened near Chelsea Market, and they have expanded since then. Travelers passing through Penn Station will love breakfast or brunch at Friedman's Herald Square.

2 Tír na Nóg

Hannah Busing<\/a> on <a href="https:////;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_content=creditCopyText\%22>Unsplash<\/a>%22%22>
New York City
Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash
New York City skyline aerial view
  • Address: 254 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001

Travelers looking for some classic fun and dining at an Irish pub should check out Tír na Nóg, located across the street from the Penn Station, making it incredibly easy to visit. Travelers will enjoy classic menu items like fish-n-chips as well as some of their more innovative options. Their beer is also delicious, with both classic and new beers in their selection. Stop by and grab a drink after arriving at Penn Station.

1 Charleys Cheesesteaks

Carlos Alcazar<\/a> from <a href="https:////;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=3562440\%22>Pixabay<\/a>%22%22>
Penn Train Station
Image by Carlos Alcazar from Pixabay
Penn Train Station
  • Address: 939 Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207

Penn Station may not be Philadelphia, but it will get you there, and it is home to Charley's Cheesesteaks, which is a great quick grab for anyone driving through. Starting in 1991 and going through a name change in 2002, Charleys Cheesesteaks has been part of the community for years, and it's hard to beat a cheesesteak when it comes to comfort foods. Charley's is close to Penn Station and quite easy to find.

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