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Lianna boarded a plane by herself for the first time at the tender age of 12 to traverse nearly 9,000 miles halfway across the world. That first trip is what ignited a lifelong passion, and it's one that continues to be fueled through pen and paper... Or, in this case, a keyboard and a computer screen. After many travels during a B.A. in English Literature and foray through digital marketing, her life path was made abundantly clear. Before finding a home with TheTravel, her focus was indie publications and she has been published with Bolde, The Arts Fuse, The Silver Tongue, LI Pulse, Tattooed Heroine Magazine, and more. She can be reached at

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Everything You Need To Know About NYC's Taxis

Know the costs, tips and tricks, and process of hailing a taxi on New York City's busiest streets.

Interior of Penn Station at Moynihan Hall 1
Penn Station Is More Than Transportation: Where To Find The Best Food

Many of New York City's most iconic foods can be found right in Penn, and these are the best eats at the train station.

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The Best Drinks And Slushes You Can Get At Sonic Drive-In, Ranked From Worst To Best

With countless combinations, it would probably take years to try every possible drink flavor... but here's what to start with.

Fall Foliage in Providence, Rhode Island 1
Not Everyone Enjoys The Summer, And These U.S. Destinations Always Feel Like Fall

Even on an 80-degree day, these U.S. destinations will always exude those ~autumn~ vibes.

a U.S. passport, a driver's license 1
Passport Vs. Enhanced License: They Both Permit International Travel, So What's The Difference?

The two are similar but not interchangeable, and while an enhanced license grants access to certain countries, a passport unlocks most of them.

the Fisherman memorial for the Andrea Gail crew in Glocester, Massachusetts 1
What You Didn’t Know About The Andrea Gail & ‘Perfect Storm’ Location

The conditions that created the 'perfect' storm resulted in a fatal 100-foot wave and, tragically, the loss of the Andrea Gail and her crew of six.

Mount Shasta in Siskiyou County, California 1
Earth Chakras: 7 Locations Around The World Believed To Be Sacred

Believed to be pockets of energy that are far stronger than any other in the world, these are the locations of each earth chakra.

An abandoned building near Pripyat city, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine 1
Chernobyl: Over 35 Years On, Is It Actually Safe To Visit?

You've seen the pictures and watched the docuseries on HBO: But is the site of Chernobyl truly risk-free three decades after the reactor explosion?

Harbour Island, Bahamas 1
Harbour Island: Everything To Know About Visiting This Pink Sand Beach From Florida

Harbour Island is home to the famed Pink Sands Beach of the Bahamas, and travelers can get there from Florida in a number of ways.

Aerial view of the Maldives 1
What Really Lives At The Bottom Of The Pacific Ocean (In 24 Photos)

The Pacific Ocean is still a place that occasionally baffles marine biologists when it comes to what lies beneath its surface.

Kayaking in Ang Thong National Marine Park, Thailand 1
This Is How Far You Can Get With $100 USD In Thailand

Thailand can be a very affordable vacation for travelers who are looking to stick to a budget, and this is exactly how far $100 USD will get you.

sign for the san andreas fault line 1
Visiting The San Andreas Fault Line Is Easy, Here's Where You Can Go To See It

It's pretty easy to see the San Andreas Fault line in person, and visitors will have their pick of sections throughout California.

Mayan Ruins Of Tulum Besides Caribbean Sea 1
Aztec Vs. Mayans: Basic Differences To Know Before Visiting Ruins

Both the Mayans and the Aztecs dwelled in Mexico, but differences between the two civilizations can be seen in their architecture.

The shores of Lake Michigan, USA, one of the Great Lakes 1
Lake Michigan Is The Most Dangerous Lake In The Country, And Here's Why

With plenty of statistics to back it up, Lake Michigan is undoubtedly the most dangerous in the country... and this is why.

the exterior of Tiffany's & Co. in New York City 1
Breakfast At Tiffany's: What It's Really Like To Eat At Blue Box Cafe In NYC

Breakfast at Tiffany's will be a reality (again) soon enough when the Fifth Avenue cafe re-opens, and this is what guests can likely expect.

a walkway through rock formations in Luray Caverns 1
Luray Caverns Vs. Skyline Caverns: Which Shenandoah Valley Cave System Is Worth Visiting First?

Both Luray Caverns and Skyline Caverns are home to rock formations not seen anywhere else in the world, making them both worthy of a visit.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo in the Upper Florida Keys 1
This Florida Key Is The Prettiest, With The Best Views

When it comes to one Florida Key to rule them all, this is the prettiest - with the most scenic views, to boot.

Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn, New York 1
How To Plan A Budget-Friendly Trip To Coney Island

Budgeting for Coney Island means cutting many costs to have an affordable trip - here's how.

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14 Iconic Foods You Need To Try The Next Time You're In Orlando

Florida is known for its unique - but iconic - dishes, and Orlando is where you can find most of them.

Leaves changing color along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville 1
Blue Ridge Parkway Vs. Skyline Drive: Which Is More Scenic?

Skyline Drive switchbacks through Virginia's stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, while the Blue Ridge Parkway offers views of two beautiful states.

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