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Aaron is a first-hand traveler who has visited more than 80 countries around the world. He is passionate about traveling and opening up the world for other intrepid explorers. He can be reached on Instagram at aaronspray

Winter Delicate Arch - A closeup view of Delicate Arch 1
Utah's Delicate Arch Is The Most Popular & Here's What To Know About Visiting

The Delicate Arch is the largest free-standing natural arch in the park and visitors can hike right up to it.

Northwest Fjord in the far reaches of Scoresbysund in eastern Greenland 1
Scoresby Sound Is The Largest Fjord In The World (& It Can Be Visited With A Northern Lights Expedition)

Greenland is the world's largest island with the largest fjord system (and it is a top destination for Arctic expeditions).

Balanced Rock, one of the most iconic features in the Arches National Park 1
Balanced Rock: How To Visit Arches National Park's Teetering Giant

Balanced Rock is one of the most accessible and stunning natural attractions of Arches and is worth visiting (and staying for sunset).

Scenery in Giri Kedis island in Lombok, Indonesia 1
From Beaches To The Komodo Dragon, These Are 10 Indonesian Islands Worth Visiting

Indonesia has many starkly contrasting islands offering a range of travel experiences. Of them all, these are the best Indonesian islands to visit.

Beautiful sunset at Seneca Lake and Finger Lakes Welcome Center in Finger Lakes region of Upstate of New York, Geneva, New York, USA 1
10 Of The Most Remarkable Lakes To Visit In The United States

Discover the best US lakes to visit, from the largest lake on earth to the bluest lake on the entire planet.

Avebury Village and neolithic Stone Circle 1
10 Things To Know About Avebury Henge: The Largest Prehistoric Stone Circle In The World

Avebury Henge is one of the greatest Neolithic sites in Britain and it should be on the itinerary when visiting Stonehenge.

Sandy Beach and boat in the Bahamas 1
This Bahamas Island Has Been Confirmed The Safest As Of 2023

The Bahamas are somewhat dangerous with crime, but avoiding the worst islands and staying on the safest ones is possible.

Vesuvius and Pompeii Roman City 1
Pompeii Forum: What To Know About Visiting The Former Beating Heart Of The City

The Pompeii Forum was once the bustling center of the city and is surrounded by temples and other public buildings.

Lion Gate in Mycenae, Greece 1
Discover The Ancient Acropolis Of Mycenae: Perhaps The Largest City Of Bronze Age Greece

Mycenae and Tiryns are the best peek into the Bronze Age Mycenaean period of Greece & are prominent in the Iliad and Odyssey.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Waikato, New Zealand 1
Star Light Star Bright: Visit The Glowworm Caves Of New Zealand Lit Up Like The Night Sky

Waitomo and Te Anau are the two popular places in New Zealand to see glowworms and each has its unique attractions.

Garden in The Ancient Castrense Amphitheater on the Aurelian Walls 1
Discover Rome's Alternative Ancient Colosseum, Which Was Absorbed Into Its Ancient City Walls

The Amphitheatrum Castrense was another great amphitheater of Rome but it has been part of the walls for thousands of years.

A Couple at lagoon of Knysna along the Garden Route, South Africa 1
Why The Garden Route Is Considered The Most Scenic Road Trip In South Africa

The Garden Route is one of the top attractions of South Africa and it boasts many excellent activities along the way.

Three Hawaiian men fire dancing on the beach in Maui, Hawaii, USA 1
10 Beautiful Polynesian Island Destinations That Are Worth Visiting Year-Round

The Polynesian islands are diverse, ranging from the temperate islands of New Zealand to the tropical resorts of Bora Bora.

Rano Kau volcano, Easter island (Chile) 1
More Than Moai: Discover The Impressive Volcanoes & Craters Of Easter Island

Easter Island is forged from fire and brimstone and today there are many tunnels, craters, and other volcanic landscapes to discover.

Temple Of Bacchus In Baalbek 1
10 Of The Most Impressive Roman Temples Worth Visiting

There are many excellent Roman temples to discover, some have been rebuilt while others have survived largely intact.

Kilmartin Glen - Nether Largie Standing Stones in Argyll, Scotland 1
Discover Over 150 Prehistoric Monument At This Scottish Highland Glen

Kilmartin Glen is one of the best places to discover prehistoric Scotland offering unique peeks into the past.

View of Tiber River and Pons Fabricius in city of Rome 1
Pons Fabricius: Discover The Oldest Bridge In Rome Still In Its Original State

See the oldest intact ancient Roman bridge still in use today just a short walk from the Colosseum of Rome.

Theater Of Marcellus In Ancient Rome 1
Rome's Ancient Theater of Marcellus Looks Like A Missing Piece Of The Colosseum (& It Has Apartments)

The Theater of Marcellus is one of the great Frankenstein ancient attractions in Rome and is free to visit.

Tourists in the archaeological site of Ostia Antica 1
Ostia Antica: Discover The Extensive Roman Ruins At Rome's Ancient Port City

Ostia Antica was once among the larger cities of the Roman Empire and was a vital port city for the city of Rome.

Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae, Greece 1
See Tomb of Agamemnon: One Of The Largest & Most Elaborate (& It Pre-Dates Ancient Greece)

The Tomb of Agamemnon or Treasury of Atreus is one of the greatest monuments surviving from Mycenean Greece.

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