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Nicholas is a serial traveler and outdoor enthusiast who likes to document his adventures on the road. He has over 5 years experience freelancing in article writing, focusing on travel, entertainment, and lifestyle niches. 

Housatonic river in autumn, between Kent and Kent Falls Connecticut 1
10 Things To Do In Kent: Complete Guide To Connecticut's Scenic Small Town

Escape the rigors of urban life to Kent, where small-town charm, scenic natural beauty, isolated hikes, and countless things to do await.

Connecticut River flowing through the Pioneer Valley 1
10 Things To Do In Pioneer Valley: Complete Guide To This Scenic, Small Massachusetts Town

From rare historic landmarks and world-class cultural attractions to the most sought-after amusement parks, Pioneer Valley has something for everyone.

Sunset in Harpers Ferry West Virginia 1
10 Things To Do In Harpers Ferry: Complete Guide To West Virginia's Most Scenic Town

Harpers Ferry harbors a treasure trove of historic attractions and natural settings and plenty of things to do.

Lake George, New York 1
10 Things To Do In Lake George: Complete Guide To This Upstate New York Vacation Spot

Visitors will find many diverse things to do in Lake George, one of Upstate New York's top vacation destinations.

Aerial view of Como City Italy 1
14 Things To Do In Como: Complete Guide To This Italian Gothic Lakeside City

From sparkly blue waters to sprawling mountains and pretty waterfront villas, discover the top things to do in Como City.

Lake Placid New York at sunset 1
10 Things To Do In Lake Placid: Complete Guide To New York's Olympic Capital

From stunning snowcapped peaks and glistening lake waters to iconic Olympic moments, uncover the best things to do in Lake Placid.

Wicomico River in Maryland 1
13 Things To Do In Salisbury: Complete Guide To Maryland's Eastern Shore

Salisbury is a charming riverfront city with small-town charm and plenty of things to do and explore.

Enjoying the beach in Algarve, Portugal 1
10 Things To Do In Algarve: Complete Guide To Portugal's Little Gem

From beautiful beaches and stunning cliff faces to fun sea excursions, Algarve is a coastal nirvana vacationers can't get enough of.

Indianapolis, Indiana at sunrise 1
10 Things To Do In Indianapolis: Complete Guide To Traveling Around Indy

Indianapolis, Indiana has a few claims to fame; the ultimate travel guide highlights everything to do and what travelers shouldn't miss.

The Milky Way above Caracas Venezuela 1
14 Things To Do In Caracas: Complete Guide To The Capital City Of Venezuela

From exquisite natural landscapes to interesting historical landmarks, uncover the top things to do in Venezuela's capital city of Caracas.

Whitefish Montana 1
10 Things To Do In Whitefish: Complete Guide To This Scenic, Underrated Montana City

Snow-capped peaks, lush landscapes, and glittering waters highlight the charming Alpine town of Whitefish in Montana.

Grand Canyon with Sky and River 1
10 Things To Do In Grand Canyon National Park: Complete Guide To The Top Attraction In The Country

Grand Canyon National Park is a thrill-seeker's paradise full of epic views, jaw-dropping landscapes, and life-changing experiences.

Harbor in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic 1
13 Things To Do In Puerto Plata: Complete Guide To The Beach Capital Of The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic's beach capital harbors multiple pristine beaches, lush natural landscapes, and remarkable Victorian architecture.

Andes Mountains in Patagonia 1
10 Things To Do In Patagonia: Complete Guide To This Thrill-Seeker's Paradise

Patagonia is the ultimate playground for extreme adventurers in search of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Munich Germany 1
10 Things To Do In Munich: Complete Guide To Germany's Old-World City With A Modern Feel

From picturesque historical landmarks to a state-of-the-art sports stadium, traditional meets modernity in Gemany's ancient city of Munich.

State Capitol in Topeka KS 1
10 Things To Do In Topeka: Complete Guide To Exploring The Capital City

Kansas state's capital Topeka is a charming city teeming with historical landmarks, a lively arts community, and endless outdoor adventures.

Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas 1
11 Things To Do In Paradise Island: Complete Guide To The Bahamas' Hottest Destination

Experience a little bit of tropical heaven with a visit to the Bahamas' hottest spot. Here are the top things to do in Paradise Island.

Distant view of Hot Springs AR 1
10 Things To Do In Hot Springs: Complete Guide To The Hot Springs & Arkansas History

Hot Springs is more than its bubbly thermal waters; It's a natural paradise with lush mountain scenery, picturesque trails, and a small-town vibe.

Clouds stream close over a landscape of autumn colors near Rutland, Vermont 1
12 Things To Do In Rutland: Complete Guide To The Must-Sees In This Quaint Town

Small-town charm meets big-city attractions in Vermont's third-largest city. Discover the top things to do in the quaint town of Rutland.

Santa Monica pier at sunset 1
10 Things To Do In Santa Monica: Complete Guide To The Boardwalk Capital Of California

There's more to Santa Monica than its famous pier. Discover the top attractions in this California coastal paradise.

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