Cruise Ship Review – Review of the Royal Caribbean Navigator Of the Seas

The Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas is a member of the Voyager class of cruise ships. A series of cruise ships that feature all the same amenities that most cruise lines do, but also very many extravagant things that no other cruise line can boast

Once you board your first question might be, is this a cruise ship or a work of art? You will find that this cruise ship is a revolutionary masterpiece if ever there was one.

Not only does it sail effortlessly through the waters of the Caribbean, it contains some of the cruise industry’s most amazing features – a rock-climbing wall, a basketball court, an ice-skating rink and an in-line skating track. in addition, it has a five-story theater, a casino, a miniature golf course and a spectacular three-story dining room?

Sailing at 138000 gross tons, this ship is among the largest on the water, Of course, the ship’s major asset is its mammoth size, which affords all passengers areas for listening to live music, or sharing a quiet conversation. This, just like many ships, has its own library. You may sign out books, however, you may not remove them from the ship. This library, has no specific hours unlike many other ships, rather this is open 24 hours per day. There are many areas such as pool side or the Solarium which are constantly busy, yet they are sufficiently large enough to accommodate those passengers who love aquatic activities and those who just want to relax.

I highly recommend that the adults arrange a night at Portofino’s. This is the $20 per person extra charge Italian restaurant. It was an outstanding evening out. And on this evening the dining room staff made sure the children were seated, served and accommodated to their hearts content.

When I cruise, I really enjoy everything it has to offer. From the first-class Broadway style shows to the five-star gourmet cuisine.

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